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What TokAssist Can Do?


The most effective technique to get followers is the follow method. Following hundreds of relevant accounts based on your targets each day, leading them to check out your account and Follow back.


Auto-Like is also an effective strategy to get more TikTok followers and engagement.

The likes you give to other accounts will get you into their notifications and entice them to check your account and interact with you.


Leave comments and send direct messages to users are the most direct ways to interact with them. Start a meaningful conversation can give you credibility, leading to more follows and even more responses.

Upload Videos

Never miss the time that most of your followers are active, and with TakAssist, you can automatically upload your videos at the right time for your audlence, so that more audiences can watch your Videos for the first time.

Account Manager

TokAssist makes it easy to manage multiple accounts, you can add and view all the important details of the accounts in one table - very clear!

Log Manager

TokAssist gives you a clear view of all the logs that have been run. Keep track of every task you've run, you can see the details of the task directly. You can also filter by date and task type to quickly find the task you want to check.

How It works

TokAssist uses a Search-Like-Comment-Follow method while also sending direct messages to friends to help you boost the reach of your accounts to those that are interested in seeing them..

Why use TokAssist?

Real Followers

TokAssist helps you get noticed by real and active users on TikTok. It doesn’t send you fake followers or like but help draw attention to your page and you’ll gain real targeted followers.

Organic Growth

We don’t send you thousands of followers in one go which looks shady and raises red flags. The steady growth of new followers each day is more natural and organic.

Security First

You can use TokAssist with complete peace of mind as it features the latest anti-fingerprinting and anti-tracking technology and fully follows all TikTok guidelines to keep your account safe.

Customer Support

You can contact us with WhatsApp or Support Tickets. We are here to answer all of your question 24-7. Quick and relevant are our values.


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